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The Pasta Party

I’m not a photographer.  I’m just a girl trying to take some pictures of stuff before I eat it!

I think I’m still full from last night’s pasta extravaganza, at some point we lost count of how many courses there actually were.  So I’ll just jump  in and tell you what we ate.  You can keep count for yourself.

The guests arrived promptly on time.  We sat for a few minutes, exchanging pleasantries, but we all knew why we were here so we quickly got down to it!

Now keep in mind that all pasta items were made from scratch. 

First course:  A  lovely salad of fresh buffalo mozzarella disks layered between slices of red and yellow tomato and fresh basil leaves.  Then drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and a balsamic reduction.

Buffalo mozzarella and tomato salad

Now we jumped into our first pasta course. 

Next Course:   These were round ravioli stuffed with roasted beet and goat cheese, carefully stacked between toasted parmesan crispy chips and topped with a rich cream sauce.  Yum yum yummy.

Roasted beet and goat cheese ravioli in cream sauce

As you cut into the little pasta pocket you are startled by the velvety red insides and the creamy texture of the sauce but then it is off set by the crispy chip.

Next course:  We took a little break from the pasta, to cleanse our palette  as it were, with a dish of thinly sliced ripe pear with blue cheese and light greens.

Sliced pear with blue cheese and light greens

Now I don’t know if the next item actually counts as a “course” but we did have it alone, in between other food so…..

We had toasted points of foccicia bread with each our own little pot of fragrant extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar swirled together.  Perhaps it was more of  a time staller?

Next course:  Back to the pasta features.  This time is was square ravioli stuffed with roasted mushroom, garlic and Boursin cheese with sauces three ways.  One sauce of  hearty tomato, one of garlicly pesto and one of rich cream.  Topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

I hate to pick, but this one might have been my favorite.

Mushroom ravioli with sauce three ways

Well at this point we are only half way through and I am already feeling overwhelmed by it all again.  Let’s stop here for now and I will give you the second half at another sitting……..get it…..another sitting? 

See…I’m still delirious from the whole thing.


Comments on: "The Pasta Party" (4)

  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm! Very good presentation!

  2. I love your blog! You’ve found your niche, Lor. Looks good, reads good, probably tastes good too! You can invite me over to eat your experiments any time.

  3. tina moynagh said:

    think the square ravioli would be my favouite, you can come and cook for me any time!!

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